Things we offer:

All new graduates join our intensive Graduate Training Program.

This fast track to success is the best preparation for starting your new career that you will find. We teach you how to apply your academic knowledge to real-world situations, allowing you to practice with competence and confidence. Learnings include:
  • Holding an engaging health talk.
  • Carrying out a safe consult.
  • The framework for a fantastic ROF.
  • Performing re-exams with purpose.
  • Getting a steady flow of referrals.
  • Establishing yourself as a health authority in your community.
  • Effective and authentic patient communication.
  • Chiropractic philosophy.

Professional development

Your success is not left to chance

We designed our coaching program so that you can shine. James share his passion for chiropractic with you, giving you on-demand access to a wealth of knowledge and wisdom gleaned from decades of hands-on mentoring experience. This includes:

  • Action steps for creating the ideal patient journey
  • Scripts and procedures that guarantee your practice growth
  • The “why” behind those procedures, so you understand what motivates your patients
  • Efficient systems that allow you to focus on what truly matters – your patients
  • Technical certainty
  • A deeper understanding of chiropractic philosophy
  • Weekly coaching calls and monthly coaching workshops.
  • PRTS scheme

We are a high-performing team who set ambitious goals while maintaining a healthy balance – in practice and life.


The true purpose of a Chiropractor is to have a meaningful impact on the quality of life enjoyed by their patients. Our empowering way of working facilitates this process by enabling you to get into a focused and loving headspace during every adjustment you make.

Financial success

Dedicating our energy to just one task (being a great Chiropractor!) allows us to spend the vast majority of our time with patients – and that makes our working week extremely profitable.


We are a community. We take care of each other and look after one another other during difficult times. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we came together and grew stronger. No one was left behind.


All our systems, coaching and support is there to help you be effective and achieve great results. However, this foundation also eliminates stress and frees you up to offer your patients the best care you can – your way.

Quality of life

Our systems and support team take care of all the things that could drain our energy, and the way we practice enhances our health and happiness. This potent combination ensures we go home feeling uplifted.

International Chiropractors

Bolton Spinal Health is a Tier 2 sponsor and chiropractic is a skilled, well-paid profession, so visas are available and accessible to you.

Profession-leading support systems

Less stress and more fun; made possible by a first-class support structure. We are focused solely on serving our patients because we have a team of experts who handle everything else – from admin and accounts to marketing and staff management.

An abundance of new patients

Our leading marketing team is highly successful and dedicated to attracting a consistent stream of new patients, so you can quickly grow and sustain a strong practice.

Operational support

We don’t have to worry about day-to-day tasks like scheduling, finance or admin because our operations team takes care of all the headaches involved in running a business, leaving us free to enjoy practice with less stress and more success.

Guaranteed success

We have worked hard to craft a patient experience that pre-empts issues to ensure our chiropractic care comes from a place of present consciousness, focus and love. We are free to practice the way we want, and our workday feels effortless because we have established simple solutions to common problems.