About Elbow Pain

The elbow is a hinge joint that allows the hand and forearm to move towards and away from the body. The elbows are much less likely to be prone to wear and tear because of their flexibility, this means that the pain experienced in the elbows mainly occurs when the elbow is injured.

The most common diagnosis for elbow pain is tennis elbow and golfers’ elbow. Tennis elbow and golfers elbow generally occur when the wrist and arm are moved in the same way repetitively, this can cause severe pain and is a very common sports injury. Tennis elbow is caused by the repetitive use of the forearm extensor muscles and golfers’ elbow is caused by the repetitive use of the forearm flexor muscles. Tennis and golf are just some of the sports that require repetitive movements of particular joints and muscles. The pain experienced from these conditions varies from sharp pain, numbness or tingling in the hands.

Pain within the elbow has multiple causes below is a list of just a few:

  • Playing intense contact sports such as rugby or football
  • Hobbies
  • Sports
  • Tennis
  • Roles with Repetitive Movements
  • Repetitive use of the Forearm Flexor Muscles
  • Repetitive Movement of the Wrists and Arms
  • Arthritis
  • Misalignment of the joints in the Cervical spine
  • Misalignment of the Shoulders

Things that can cause Elbow Pain

The Treatment Options We Offer:

At Bolton Spinal Health we offer care that takes a whole-body approach. We focus on improving the bodies function through the care we give.

We focus on improving the bodies function through the care we give. If you are suffering with elbow pain please contact us and we would be happy to get you assed and provide the right course of care for you.
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J.C. - Bolton, England

I have suffered with neck, shoulder and arm pain and the treatment I have received has really helped me. I would certainly recommend anyone who is suffering with pain to attend this clinic.


It has been fantastic to get some treatment that cures the cause and not just the symptoms.  I’m now pain free – Great!


Before coming for treatment I had severe discomfort in my lower back following an operation.  This caused problems with my posture.  I am now able to stand taller and walk more freely.


Seeing a Chiropractor has changed my life. Previously I was in pain most of the time and my quality of life was restricted. Now I know that there is hope for a future without pain.


This is a practice whose staff are friendly, helpful and professional.  My treatment is far from over (arthritic spine, hip surgery etc.) but I am certain that without it I should be in a far worse state than that which I presently enjoy.


Before any treatment, I was very stiff and did not have much movement in my neck.  I now have full movement in my neck.