About Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is extremely common and does not specifically come from any injury that you may have sustained. This is because the shoulder is the most moveable joint in the body.

It has an incredible range of motion that makes it a relatively unstable joint and is therefore very easy to injure. Shoulders are also the joints that are most frequently dislocated due to the large range of motion they have. Shoulder pain can not only be felt locally but it can also be felt in other areas such as the arm or the middle of the spine.
The body is connected through the spine and nervous system. Every cell, tissue and organ is controlled by the messages that are sent form the brain through the nervous system. If one part of the body is unhappy the symptoms may show in another part of the body. Subsequently a problem in one part of the body can interlink with a problem in another part of the body. The shoulder pain symptoms that people experience can be linked to:

  • Frozen shoulder
  • Spinal and posture issues
  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Gallbladder

Things that can cause Shoulder Pain

The Treatment Options We Offer:

Shoulder pain is a common complaint that we see at Bolton Spinal Health. Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis) is an ailment that we see regularly in our centre and occurs more frequently in women between the ages of 40-60.

The cause of frozen shoulder is debated and is still unknown. However, it can be attributed to surgery in the shoulder or arm, injury, misuse, myocardial infarction, mastectomy and lack of use disrupting the shoulders mobility. Frozen shoulder has three distinct stages, these are;



This is when pain increases in the shoulder and as a result the shoulder loses it range of motion. The time that this can last varies person to person but it can last between one to eight months.

Frozen Stage

In this stage all range of motion is lost and most people can only lift their arm to a certain point as the joint if so stiff. This can last four months or more.

Thawing Stage

The final stage of Frozen shoulder is where the shoulders strength and range of motion starts to slowly improve. This results in the slow improvement until function has almost retuned to normal. This can last from six months to six years. Every-body has it’s own recovery time and it varies from person to person on how long recovery will take.
Frozen shoulder is a common complaint we see at Bolton Spinal Health. If you are suffering with Frozen Shoulder or other shoulder pain please contact us and we can offer effective care and accelerate the healing process to help you live in wellness. This care can be provided once a thorough consultation has been conducted to ensure we give you the care you need.
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J.C. - Bolton, England

I have suffered with neck, shoulder and arm pain and the treatment I have received has really helped me. I would certainly recommend anyone who is suffering with pain to attend this clinic.


It has been fantastic to get some treatment that cures the cause and not just the symptoms.  I’m now pain free – Great!


Before coming for treatment I had severe discomfort in my lower back following an operation.  This caused problems with my posture.  I am now able to stand taller and walk more freely.


Seeing a Chiropractor has changed my life. Previously I was in pain most of the time and my quality of life was restricted. Now I know that there is hope for a future without pain.


This is a practice whose staff are friendly, helpful and professional.  My treatment is far from over (arthritic spine, hip surgery etc.) but I am certain that without it I should be in a far worse state than that which I presently enjoy.


Before any treatment, I was very stiff and did not have much movement in my neck.  I now have full movement in my neck.